Should I have a Wikipedia Page about Myself? Tech-Generated Fame

7 min readFeb 22, 2023
Emails That Invite You To Have Wikipedia Page and Become Famous

I receive the above email at my University of Cambridge email address that apparently, I have achievements, I should be famous, and I deserve a Wikipedia page! Then I will appear on top of search results with a photo. What an honour!!! The question I have here is why such scammers succeed in getting our money. If you want to skip, go to the headline starting with WHY below.

My online presence shows scammers and spammers I look stupid enough to believe this trap. Indeed, I should be very stupid to believe I am worthy of a Wikipedia page.

Firstly, you can have a Wikipedia Page about you.

Secondly, your page will be deleted after a while.

Thirdly, read this Wikipedia article before deciding.

Finally, having a Wikipedia page is worthless if you are unknown because no one will search or find your page.

I have seen this before. Even when I did not have social media profiles or an online presence, I was contacted by other types of scammers/spammers:

Please Publish Your Master Dissertation as a Book!

Years ago, when I shared my master’s dissertation for free online (in Persian=Farsi with an English abstract), I received an email from Lambert Publishing to publish it as a book for free and give up the copyright to Lambert to sell it. They would upload my file and the cover I designed without touching it, and it became my book for them to sell! I declined because in my field — medical library and information science — it is known:

The books, book chapters, and review papers are usually written by experts in the field who have dedicated ‘decades’ of their lives to a specific field and have earned expertise through teaching, studying, and research. If it is textbooks, it should be written and edited by tens or hundreds of experts in…




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