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Duplicates in Systematic Reviews

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Those who conduct systematic reviews are aware that after the search is done in more than one database, it is natural to have duplicate records; however, these are not the only duplicates that the review team deal with. Duplicates occur in several stages of the systematic reviewing process, and dealing with them is usually confusing and requires skills.

Intra-Database (Cross-Database) Duplicate Records

Since the researchers and reviewers are now searching the bibliographic databases to find the literature relevant to their research, many publishers do their best to index their journals in as many…

Search Strategy for Systematic Review

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Over the past 18 years, I have had this discussion several times with information specialists, researchers, students, and colleagues. Some seem to be defending a single approach at the beginning of the conversation, but as we go forward, they change their minds.

Unsurprisingly, all three approaches of structuring the search strategies are useful at the right time and place.

Since there is no best practice guide, many get confused about what structure to choose for each purpose. …

Question 1: Last night, I watched Lady Gaga, John Lennon, Madonna, and The Greatest Showman on Eurovision 2021. Did you see them, too?

Question 2: A single country’s flag was…

Friends TV series is one of the historically important series that most non-English speakers watch to learn English, but also this series teaches lots of stereotypes. When Rachel meets Julie for the first time, she freaks out and says loudly and clearly, “Welcome to OUR country”. After a passive-aggressive smile, Julie replies in a loud and clear voice: “Thank you, I am from NEW YORK”. Rachel’s approach is an example of a microaggression.

Wikipedia cited the definition of microaggression as “brief, everyday exchanges that send denigrating messages to certain individuals because of their group membership”. Microaggression has many faces; sometimes…

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An ancient story

Once upon a time, a prophet and his (always his, right!) followers were passing through a dark cave. The prophet tells the followers that it is a test (always it is!); there are things on the floor of the cave that either you pick them up and possess them or not, you will regret, but it is your decision; we are not allowed to use light or return to this cave when we are out. Some of the followers picked the stuff from the floor, and some didn’t. …

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This is one of the frequently asked questions from my students and colleagues across all disciplines. Since the practice varies in every field, I tried to put a general guide that fits all for a start and then they can adapt it as needed for their own needs.

Before You Start

I go straight to the answer with my famous answers, which are actually questions, and the answer to these questions will tell you how to write a literature review:

A. Who is going to write the review?

Is it you, a team of authors, or are you asking an external review…


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