20 Reasons why you should not switch from EndNote X9 to EndNote 20!

6 min readJun 16, 2022
EndNote X9 vs EndNote 20

Based on the Diffusion of innovations theory, I consider myself a late adopter of innovations. I read reviews before upgrading, and after hearing from my colleagues, I resisted for a year to upgrade to EndNote 20! I allowed time for other excited users to do the beta-testing, report errors, report the solutions online, and changes due to user experience (UX).

We usually upgrade because we think it is free or low cost. A good example is when you have free institutional access to an update, and you say what the hell? Why not? It is free. Nothing is free, dear. We pay the price with our money, time, and data.

Yes, we finally got the following features:

  1. After decades of users’ requests, DOI or PMCID fields are among the de-duplicable fields;
  2. Tabs to do multi-tasking (Learned from Internet Browsers);
  3. Browser-based extension to create references of webpages (Learned from its free competitor: Zotero);
  4. Retractions detection (Learned from its free competitor: Zotero).

Good 4, but at such a price! It reminds me of when I wanted money to buy chewing gum with a picture of a famous football player in its wrapping, and my parents made me run the errands that would probably be worth 300 gums…




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